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Conversations with yoga master Peter Ferko about real yoga, actual happiness, and deep living.

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    Finding Your Best Self w/Nat Ma

    In today's episode, I talk with Nat Ma, a spiritual adventurer who spent the last year traveling the world with only a backpack and the desire to transform, and find his life’s purpose.

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    Good Vibes for Dark Days w/Lindsay Sanwald

    Happy Solstice, Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever you appreciate this time of year! The holidays around this time celebrate light, and today’s podcast is about light’s energy: vibration.

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    Wendy's Yoga Story w/Wendy Newton and Jenny Bloom

    Today I talk with Wendy Newton about coming to yoga as a teenager and how it grew into a life focus. Then I catch up with Jenny Bloom and discuss the #metoo moment.

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