Peter's Podcast
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Conversations with yoga master Peter Ferko about real yoga, actual happiness, and deep living.

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    The Art of Living w/Ulrica Norberg

    In this episode, I am live from Stockholm, where I speak with fellow ISHTA Yogiraj, writer/editor, creative coach, and educator Ulrica Norberg. Ulrica and I talk about what it means to bring yoga into the way that we live in the world.

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    BONUS! Live Meditation Class: AUM

    A live recording of a full meditation practice, with an explanatory lecture beforehand. You can listen to the lecture, or try the meditation, too.

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    Pop-Up w/ Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan

    In this episode, I’m coming to you live from Helsinki, Finland where I’m teaching in a yoga teacher training with Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan. They created both a teacher training and a pop-up studio for the summer.

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    Deep Living w/Wendy Newton

    Wendy Newton and I share our breakfast conversation about the deep living. We talk about the difference between superficial experience and real transformation that comes from following a way, like yoga.

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